All-Time Women Sneakers Making Their Way Through the Industry!

    Women sneakers, WMNS sneakers,  (W) sneakers. Those are the three terms that set up the front for sneakerheads that identify as females. We’re living in 20201, fam! We’ve survived – still surviving – a global pandemic! This is the time to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities, gender neutrality, and inclusivity to all! This is how the sneaker industry conforms to catering to everyone in the game.

    Let’s see what it means to people when sneaker brands mark some kicks as women sneakers. What changes when it comes to its worth, popularity, and design? This is a rundown of the epic WMNS sneakers of ALL TIME throughout the game.

    Trust us on this matter. No matter what pronouns you identify yourself as you’re gonna wanna take part in these kicks. Being a “woman” in a community that has been male-dominated for quite some time might seem tough. But, thankfully, sneaker brands are starting to catch up! Here’s the total breakdown!

    How Much Are Women Sneakers Worth?
    POV of A Reseller


    So, let’s set a standard for a good-looking average resale value that will have any sneaker reseller on his knees.

    If we’re talking about a 100% price premium, that’s pretty sick! It means you’ll get your cashback and the retail price as profit!
    What about 200% above retail? Now THAT’S epic reselling! You’ll be making money like there’s no tomorrow?
    But, what about 400%, 500%, 600%, a THOUSAND percent above retail? Could you even imagine that type of money?

    Well, that’s a number that a lot of women sneakers have to offer. Just take a look at some of the sneakers with the highest price premium on the market! A three-figure price premium ain’t no rare deal to come by!

    Honorable Mentions

    • Nike Dunk Low Splatter (W)
      Retail Price: $70
      Avg. Resale: $1200
      Price Premium: 2186%
    • Jordan 5 Retro Stealth (W)
      Retail Price: $135
      Avg. Resale: $754
      Price Premium: 832%
    • Jordan 1 Retro High Pale Ivory (W)
      Retail Price: $145
      Avg. Resale: $995
      Price Premium: 1141%
    • Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless Melody Ehsani (W)
      Retail Price: $130
      Avg. Resale: $1215
      Price Premium: 469%
    • Nike Air Max 1 Paris Bespoke (W)
      Retail Price: $300
      Avg. Resale: $3530
      Price Premium: 1198%

    The Verdict

    In short, this says a lot about women sneakers. This says that even though brands marked them as (W), people were still willing to pay good money for them. Maybe it all comes down to sneaker collaborations or general hype. But, the gender-related part is definitely not a dealbreaker! 

    Resellers look for the best shoes to sell. That (W) won’t mean anything to them as long as it makes them money!

    Is The Audience Big Enough to Sell?
    POV of a Sneakerhead

    @pattapatat Women Sneakers

    Okay, let’s make something crystal clear. If there weren’t enough people copping women sneakers, sneaker brands wouldn’t keep dropping them! But, for the sake of the argument, let’s talk about some numbers a bit!

    Anything that sells more than a hundred pairs in this game is good numbers! But, let’s set the bar a bit higher and go for a thousand sales. If we could find a thousand female sneakerheads in this game willing to cop women sneakers, it’s a WIN. Let’s look at a few digits!

    Best Women Sneaker Sales of All Time:

    • Jordan 1 Mid Gym Red (W)
      Total Sold:
      5463 pairs
    • Nike Dunk Low Barely Green (W)
      Total Sold: 5357 pairs
    • Nike Dunk Low Purple Pulse (W)
      Total Sold: 5331 pairs
    • Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black Toe (W)
      Total Sold: 5286 pairs
    • Nike Air Force 1 Shadow White Glacier (W)
      Total Sold: 5109 pairs

    The Verdict

    Do we even have to talk about it? Over 5000 pairs of women sneakers have been sold PER sneaker release. That’s very impressive and worth catering to. This means that there are, on average, at least 5400 people willing to buy these sneakers.

    AND, they don’t have to necessarily all be women! But, our point is, people in the industry still find these women sneakers very interesting and cop-worthy! Whether you’re copping for yourself, your wife, your girlfriend, your grandma… It doesn’t matter. People want these kicks. Period.

    Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys?
    POV of Someone Who Identifies as a Woman


    Another part that we feel we should discuss is assigning colors to gender. Are we still in a time where pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Maybe at some point, sneaker brands would’ve thought it suitable to release a pink sneaker for women. But, they know better by now!

    You see, female sneakerheads or women copping sneakers probably also cop the men’s sizes too. And vice versa! SO, it doesn’t make sense at all to put a gender on the way a sneaker looks or on a color! Yes, we’re going there!

    Let’s look at the most popular women sneakers sold in the past 72 hours on StockX. This way we can have a good insight into what people are into at the moment! It also shows a lot about sneaker brands’ approach to the colorway and design of women sneakers.

    Most Popular Last 72 Hours - StockX

    The Verdict

    In short, although there IS a pink sneaker; it’s not all about pink! A quick stroll down the long list of the most popular sales, you’ll see that ALL colors exist. This just goes to show that associating gender with color is long dead!

    In fact, a lot of the women sneakers look so much like the sneakers in men’s sizing! So, in reality, when it comes to colorway and design, there is no difference! This just proves more and more that female representation in the sneaker industry is growing by the day. And, sneaker brands like Nike get that! Girl power all the way!

    Side Note

    On a separate note, it has come to our attention that all of the sneakers we mentioned before are Nike! The Swoosh obviously knows the deal and respects female sneakerheads. And, it just proves to us more than Nike is FIERCELY taking over the sneaker throne!

    This also raises the question; where is Adidas in all this?


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