WonderPals NFT: Your Very Own Cute NFT Pal 

    The WonderPals NFT collection is simply one of the cutest and most inviting collections out there. The NFT community is filled with NFTs of all categories. But what seems to get the attention of many collectors and investors is the cuteness of some collections. And WonderPals is just that it brings together the cute characters and the sweet community. Let’s dig in.  

    WonderPals NFT 

    The WonderPals NFT collection was created by the illustrator Mina. The collection features 10,000 NFTs of cute bears dressed to please the eye of the collector. The NFTs are pictured with various accessories to enhance the appeal to the buyer. Moreover, the collection has done several collaborations reaching out of its inner circle and expanding across the NFT Twitter communities. Furthermore, WonderPals vision is simple, to bring more joy to the world through community, creativity, and fun art.

    According to Coin Gecko, the collection’s statistics are as follows: 

    • Floor Price: 0.2177 ETH ($334.58) 
    • Market Cap: 2,176.7823 ETH ($3,345,450.20)
    • 24H Volume: 9.09163 ETH

    WonderPals 2023

    The WonderPals NFT collection recently celebrated its first birthday on February 26, 2023. The celebration came along with a list of accomplishments the collection hit that year. And the accomplishments are as follows: 

    • WonderPals Collection Launch. 
    •  WonderPals x Roboto NFT LA Event.
    •  LA Mural w/ Cool Cats, Vinnie Hager, and more! 
    •  RELI3F Drop 2. 
    •  Gift Shop Launch. 
    •  American Eagle Collab + Times Square Billboard. 
    • WonderPals NFTNYC Event.  
    • CiderPals Collab. 
    •  Makeship Plushies. 
    • Tsujita Collab. 
    •  DeAPlaneta Entertainment Partnership. 
    •  Xiaohongshu (Red Book). 
    • Kumo Kumo Cake Collab (photos coming soon!).

    Furthermore, along with that announcement, the brand is giving away free WonderPals so that the family can grow more. 

    WonderPals NFT Collaborations

    Every successful NFT collection is crowned with an array of Collaborations. And WonderPals is one of those collections that has multiple Collaborations celebrating its move forward in the community. And some of those Collaborations include: 

    American Eagle Outfitters 

    The WonderPals NFT collaboration with American Eagle featured a T-shirt and hoodie sold on both and in the American Eagle New York Times Square retail location! In addition, there was a 10-ft billboard featuring WonderPals in the heart of Times Square for a month!

    Pepo Paradise

    Pet Pocket Paradise (PEPO Paradise) is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” gameplay. The collaboration was in the Winter of 2022, WonderPals NFT holders were able to take care of their own WonderPal as a pet in the game! The cuteness never stops with this fun, interactive game that leads web3 ownership and gameplay.


    Arcade Inc’s vision is to create a Metaverse for the whole NFT community, where you can socialize, create, own, play, and live your life as your NFT! WonderPals NFT patterned with Arcade Inc. to make WonderPals as a playable character in their ecosystem. They also claimed land in the Arcade ecosystem to build a fun, community-gathering spot.

    Ethereum Towers

    Ethereum Towers is a community-centric, vertical megastructure consisting of residential apartments and a variety of communal areas. Designed by award-winning architects, Ethereum Towers will be the flagship residence in an expanding Metaverse that will provide an evolving, exciting, and socially dynamic experience for all residents and visitors. Hence, the WonderPals NFT became the proud owners of an entire floor in Tower 2, which will be used as a social hub dedicated to their community.

    Cozy Verse

    Cozyverse is an ecosystem of on-chain community game looking to recreate the joy experienced when we were playing Neopets and Club Penguin, but now on-chain with a metaverse component. WonderPals are playable characters across the many on-chain games that Cozyverse will be building for the web3 community.

    Final Statement

    Lastly, the WonderPals NFT collection is a community-driven collection. With one of the sweetest communities in the NFT world, it is bound for greatness. Furthermore, you can find this collection available on Opensea and join the 5.6k owners. So, the question remains. Would you invest in this collection? Do you think its future is bright as they picture it? 


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