World Cup NFTs: Who’s scoring big?

    As we already know by now, NFTs are everywhere. Literally. Especially if there’s a big event, you will find these non-fungibles creeping in the corner. So naturally, everyone’s rushing to drop World Cup NFTs especially that sports NFTs are already a thing. So who’s scoring the highest in this crypto tournament? 

    Who’s making World Cup NFTs

    Well, before counting scores, let’s see who’s competing. There’s a bunch of creators releasing world cup NFTs, but the ones who made it to our tournament are the following:

    • Fifa+ Collect
    • Budverse
    • VISA
    • Reddit


    Fifa+ Collect World Cup NFTs

    Fifa World Cup NFT

    Fifa+ collect released three collections of football-related NFTs. The collections are Curator Collection, FIFA archives drop, and genesis drop. The non-fungibles are basically clips from really-known football moments. 

    In terms of rarity, there are multiple levels:

    • Common, with the NFTs priced at 1$ / piece
    • Rare, with prices ranging from $1 to $10
    • Epic, with prices ranging from $7 to $61
    • Iconic, with prices ranging from $1,600 to $3,000 

    But how are they related to the world cup, besides both being “football”. Well, the cool thing about FIFA+ is that the more you collect from these NFTs, the higher your chances at winning tickets to attend the prestigious football tournament. 

    If you’re lucky, you get to watch the World Cup with an outstanding VIP experience.  So far, they have 4.9K supporters on Discord, 15.5K on Twitter, and a total of 30,451 claimed tokens. You can purchase these NFTs through their website

    If it were me, this would definitely excite me enough to support this collection. What do you say, should we consider this world cup nft drop for the finale? 

    Budverse X World Cup 2022 NFTs

    Budverse World Cup NFT

    Second on our competing list, the beer producer ‘Budweiser’s Budverse’. Budweiser is teaming up with FIFA and bringing us a unique World Cup NFT collection. If you’re of legal drinking age based on your country, you can mint these collections on their website. You can also buy them on OpenSea where the floor price is currently at 0.029 ETH

    But what do you get when you mint the NFTs? Well, once minted, you own the following:

    • live NFT scoreboard
    • Exclusive Budweiser Football merch kit
    • Access to holders-only Discord channel for an always-on game time community
    • The Budverse Penalty Kick Mini Game

    Wait the penalty-what now? Oh, it is a game available on their website. As a holder, leading up to the FIFA World Cup, you can shoot for the high score in the Budverse Penalty Kick Mini Game. You can elect your favorite team, create your player, and show off your score as you climb the leaderboard. The more you play, the more points you’ll earn!

    Besides these perks, you’ll also get other rewards. AND, here too, lucky participants can  win a 5-star VIP Budverse FIFA World Cup 360 experience too! Currently, this project has gathered 14.6K members on Discord

    VISA x NFT

    Visa Masters of movement

    Remember when we said VISA filed trademarks for metaverse and NFT. The seed has grown and flourished. Recently, VISA released five world cup soccer-themed NFTs to help raise money for charity. And during the tournament, it also will let attendees create their own digital art.

    This project was in collaboration with The auction has ended and 100% of the amount paid by the winning bidders in the auction was donated by Visa to Street Child United, whose mission is to change negative perceptions of street children.

    The redeemables that people got were:

    • NFT: The dynamic NFT in your wallet.
    • High Quality Work of Art: A high quality, static copy of the work of art file for you to print.
    • Memorabilia: Signed memorabilia from the player whose NFT you successfully bid for and purchased in the auction.
      • Maxi Rodriguez – Signed match-worn Argentina jersey
      • Tim Cahill– Signed match-worn Australia jersey from the 2014 FIFA World Cup™
      • Jared Borgetti – Signed Mexico jersey
      • Carli Lloyd – Signed U.S. jersey and signed Sports Illustrated magazine
      • Michael Owen – Signed match-worn England jersey, boots and signed copy of his autobiography Reboot

    This is nice, a project that goes beyond money and the usual profit-crazy crypto space. If it were up for me, I’d definitely root for them to go to the finale. 

    Reddit World Cup Avatars


    Reddit continues on its non-fungible journey and releases the Reddit World Cup NFT Avatars! One thing I will say right off the bat, they’re really cute.  There are currently 32 options and they’re on the Polygon chain.

    However, they don’t vary. Meaning all the Brazil avatars will look the same, the only difference being the mint number which is preceded by a hashtag. You can find the entire collection on OpenSea where: 

    • Floor price: 0.0259 MATIC ($0.02 according to the current MATIC rate)
    • Total Trading Volume: 60 ETH
    • 197,354 owners 

    You can claim one Reddit avatar per account so make sure to choose wisely. Honestly, I can’t get the cuteness of these avatars. 


    These were our picks for the World Cup NFT tournament. All of these collections prove one main thing, there is no escaping NFTs anymore. You might think you’re past it, but Twitter included NFT features, so did Instagram

    And, big names like Reddit, FIFA, Budweiser and VISA  are in on it. We’re doomed, my friend. It’s all around us. Anyway, which of these collections are you cheering for? And, most importantly, who are you supporting in the World Cup 2022? I’m personally still lost, so let me know in the comments below. We might end up backing the same team! 


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