World of Women NFT: Pillar of Inclusive Success

    Who runs the world? Girls! It’s the world of women and we’re all living in it. We’re finally seeing females creating – and excelling – in the “bro” dominated NFT ecosystem. If you still don’t know how powerful women are, you’re about to be amazed by World of Women NFT. 

    WoW NFT is the epitome of cause-driven NFT art. It is a “thriving community celebrating representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.” Founded by Yam Karkai in 2021, these non-fungibles have been gaining skyrocketing popularity. 

    The World of Women NFTs are randomly generated via a distinct sequence of 11 traits making each piece entirely unique. Each NFT offers a different level of rarity, allowing further randomization and consequently influencing the resale price.

    Their signature collection, released in July 2021, charmed everyone. Just look at the stats. 

    WoW NFT

    • 10k items 
    • 72K ETH Volume (30M USD)
    • Avg sale 3.07 ETH (1271 USD)
    • 5556 owners
    • Floor price: 2.59 ETH (1073 USD)

    Their second collection, released in March 2022, also scored impressive numbers. 

    • 21k items
    • 29k ETH volume (113M USD)
    • Avg sale 0.35 ETH (1332 USD)
    • 11k owners
    • Floor price: 0.30 ETH (1127 USD

    WoW! However, numbers can’t always show everything. This project has caught the attention of multiple celebrities. 

    World of Women NFT x Celebrities 

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Napheesa Collier all hold WoW NFTs. They all proudly showcast their tokens in their Twitter profile. Gary Vee has also fetched 15 non-fungibles from both collections. 

    Moreover, Reese Witherspoon is also in the WoW. Not only is she a holder, but is also collaborating with the team. Her media company, Hello Sunshine, is partnering up with World Of Women, to make WoW characters into feature films, TV shows, and educational events.

    “We look forward to engaging with the remarkable WoW community at every step of this partnership and creating opportunities for WoW holders to work collaboratively with Hello Sunshine on transforming the WoW art into powerful stories.”, Witherspoon noted.

    Reese's NFT

    One Of Witherspoon’s World Of Women NFTS, #6403

    There’s more! Karkai has collaborated with Billboard to create unique magazine covers honoring Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey. WoW also joined forces with Madonna for a live concert at the “Finally Enough Love” WoW party. 

    World of Women NFT

    Adding to the craze, Karkai signed Guy Oseray, BAYC manager, as WoW’s manager. This expands the project’s opportunities in film, television, music, gaming. And to top it off, she was chosen as an ally of the UN’s SDG Action Campaign! 

    World of Women

    But why is WoW NFT this hyped up?

    First, the main reason is that the NFT market was lacking female-led projects. So when it launched, women majorly navigated towards it. It filled the market gap perfectly. Second, they have a great vision! 

    Their vision is to build an inclusive web3 through the collections and community. It is truly inclusive as it involves women from all races, ethnicities, and countries. They’re also taking it upon themselves to educate women and under-represented minorities on NFT. And get creators and builders on board. 

    Their aim is to create equal opportunities for everyone. This impressed high-profile celebrities, as mentioned, which fueled their success. 

    World of Women NFT Utility

    What are the benefits of owning a WoW token? 

    • Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP
    • Original monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists
    • Exclusive access to your WoW 4k x 4k file
    • Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high potential collections vetted by the DAWoW
    • Holders-only raffles and discounts
    • Invite to annual gala for holders and IRL events
    • Exclusive access to WoW merch

    Most importantly, joining WoW NFTs means being part of a community that is constantly supporting others and giving back to women-led organizations. And the community is big enough for everyone! WoW NFTs community includes 64.32k members on Discord, 207.8k followers on Twitter, 81.8k on Instagram and 1.1k on Tiktok

    Giving Back to Organizations


    If you haven’t fangirled over this collection yet, now is the time. WoW are really Girl Bossing it with the causes they support. The list is endless, but I’ll cite a few. 

    World of Women NFT have donated 2.5% of all their primary sales. They’ve donated over 40K US dollars to she’s the first, an organization supporting local solutions to educate and empower girls over 26 countries. 

    Additionally, they donated a whopping 44k USD to too young to Wed, an organization dealing with child marriage. They also hold charity auctions. One auction was won by Gary Vee and profits (44k USD) were donated to the rockflower fund. 

    Furthermore, they have a Wow emergency fund with $500k to support humanitarian causes in various conflict zones around the world. So far, this fund has helped people in Ukraine, Yemen, Gaza and many more. 

    Women! The entire collection is gorgeous and incredibly heartwarming. If this excited you to join the NFT world, here’s a quick guide to NFTs to help you get started. 


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