TBT: Yeezy 750 Chocolate, How Are You Doing?

    Today, we’re going way back. Yes, as far as 2016. Does this year ring a bell? Yes, it’s the year Yeezys were the most coveted and popular. Owning a pair of Yeezys back then was like winning the jackpot! But today, we’re checking up on one of the Yeezys that we wish we had, almost 4 years later. It’s the Yeezy 750 Chocolate!

    Yeezy 750 Chocolate: A Quick History

    The Yeezy 750 silhouette is a hybrid between boots and sneakers, and that honestly fits Ye’s aesthetic taste. Yeezy 750 Chocolate made their first appearance in Yeezy Season 2 and hyped the crowds up for the drop!
    Yeezy 750 Chocolate turned out to be the last drop of this particular silhouette, to date. But you can’t ever be so sure with Kanye. Can you? Previous Yeezy 750 colorways included the Light Brown (or simply OG), Black, and Light Grey.

    Yeezy 750 Chocolate - Previous colorways

    The sneakers released on October 15, 2016, and retailed for $350. This silhouette is the most expensive out of all Yeezy sneakers. Well, minus Yeezy Boost 950, but the 950s are not really sneakers, are they?

    Yeezy Prices Yeezy 750 Chocolate

    How Much Are They Worth?

    We must mention that the last colorway of the Yeezy 750 silhouette was not as popular as the previous drops. This happens when you milk a certain silhouette. Also when you cook a massive Beef publicly with Taylor Swift. But it’s still worth a lot more than your average pair of kicks! Yeezy 750 Chocolate retailed for $350. However, the stock was low as usual, and people were not happy to miss their chance!

    Naturally, the kicks emerged on resale platforms for a far higher price than retail. Today, the kicks’ average resale value is as follows:

    Yeezy 750 Chocolate

    StockX: $766
    Flight Club: $650+.
    Resale prices go up to $2,000 depending on the size. So if you’re thinking about shopping, you better read this Yeezy size guide before buying!
    Goat: $650+.
    But if you’re unlucky enough to be a size 8.5, the pair resells for a whopping $2,020!

    Yeezy Day and Yeezy 750 Chocolate

    Fast forward to 2018, Nike took over the sneaker scene with the Off-White collaboration. And it’s still going on today with a women’s AJ4 collaboration on the way. That year, the main Yeezy drops were 500s, and we all know that this is not the most popular silhouette.

    Yeezy 750 Restock

    Finally, 2019 came bringing some fresh air to Yeezys with it! And on August 2nd, Yeezy Day happened and Yeezy 750 Chocolate restocked. However, the number of pairs was so low it sold out very fast and didn’t even affect the resale value. In fact, the resale value of the kicks seems to be increasing lately!

    How’s the Future Looking for the Light Brown Gums?

    Just as Kanye West is unpredictable, so are his sneakers and their value! Who knows? He might bless us with a Yeezy 750 restock out of nowhere and change the whole equation! So fingers crossed to what the future holds. But that’s a long shot, we wouldn’t count on! So while you’re dreaming, get ready for the Yeezy Cinder, dropping in a couple of days! Already planning on copping the Cinders? You should run AIO Bot, the BEST Yeezy Bot in the game!

    Yeezy 750 Chocolate On Foot


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