Yeezy MX Blue: The Latest Addition to the Line of Blue Yeezys

    The Yeezy MX Blue is next in line for the most epic upcoming 2022 Yeezy lineup. We’ve got so many Yeezys to look forward to this year, including the new red Yeezy 350 this February. There’s actually a full list of Yeezys on our calendar. You can check them all out if you want to. Just click on the button below for the full 2022 Yeezy calendar. 

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    As for the upcoming Yeezy MX Blue, it is here to join the line of previous MX-iterations. A lineup that features the MX Oat, the MX Rock, and even the Foam Runner MX Cream Clay. There isn’t an official name for this release, some people are calling it Frost Blue. However, we’re sticking to MX Blue for the time being! So, let’s get right into all the gory details on the release of this March Yeezy!


    So, the new Yeezy MX Blue obviously has the latest installation of the MX pattern all over its Primeknit. This Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 definitely has an edge over all the other previous colorways with its popular MX pattern. It has swirls of earthy browns and beiges alongside the blue that give it the MX pattern. The entire MX pattern is pretty much like a marble-swirl pattern. And, the color scheme includes a mix of Blue, White, Yellow, and beige hues. Also, of course, it has the conventional 350 translucent side stripe with a pull tab on the heel.

    Other features include the epic Boost technology in the translucent sole for that complete Yeezy comfort. It has blue ridged midsoles and matching blue outsoles. And, to finish it up, the Yeezy MX Blue comes with blue round Yeezy laces and blue sock liners. However, the most defining feature of this Yeezy 350 is the semi-translucent blue and grey side stripe. 

    Adidas Yeezy MX Blue 1 - ANB Blog

    Release Date: March 5th, 2022
    Retail Price: $220

    This is definitely one of the greatest additions to your Yeezy collection. The release will come in full-family size which means you’ll get to cop them for your kiddos too! But, speaking of sizes, do you even know YOUR size? Click here to check it out.


    Finally, the last part of the Yeezy MX Blue release details includes learning how to buy these Yeezys. You see, as long as Kanye keeps manufacturing Yeezy 350s, they’re going to keep selling out. It’s as simple as that. Add a special pattern to the equation, and you’ve got a savage sneaker race!

    SO, the key here is to not only cop the Yeezy MX Blue but to cop MULTIPLE pairs of it! In the end, this game is all about making money – don’t try to convince yourself otherwise. Sure, you can cop one single pair and call it a day. But, where’s the fun in that? Check the list below for all the things you need to cop these Yeezys and all the upcoming ones!

    Adidas Yeezy MX Blue 2 - ANB BlogYZY 350 MX_Blue - ANB Blog


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