Look Back at Yeezy Turtle Dove. The First Yeezy 350 of a Long List!

    So last week, we talked about Red Octobers, Kanye’s final Nike Yeezys! Today, we’re getting over that breakup and moving on to the Kanye West x Adidas partnership. The first sneakers that dropped were actually Yeezy 750s. They were hyped, and still are! However, they weren’t meant for everyday wear. So when people got wind of the upcoming Yeezy Turtle Dove, the hype skyrocketed!

    Yeezy Turtle Dove in the Spotlight!

    We all love a lifestyle shoe that fits so well and goes with any outfit, and Yeezy Turtle Dove was just that! But that’s not the only reason why the kicks were that popular. The kicks are a Kanye West signature, they’re simple and cool to look at, and they’re relatively cheaper than 750s.

    Yeezy Turtle Dove

    The then-new Yeezy Turtle Dove featured a simple and sleek design. With an interwoven grey and blue-grey Primeknit upper and a white Boost midsole, the kicks were a must-have to sneakerheads!

    Retail, Resale, and More

    Yeezy Turtle Dove dropped on June 27, 2015, just in time for the summer season! They retailed for $200, which is pretty affordable. But the most important part of the deal is that the kicks were limited. But what does that mean?

    Yeezy Turtle Dove Resale value

    Well, this means the resale value of the kicks is very high! Yeezy Turtle Dove reached an average resale value of $2300. However, 4 years later, the average resale value stands at $1,348, which is still very high! The kicks are this valuable in 2020 because they’re still highly-coveted. We’re talking about the first Yeezy 350 and it never had a restock, unlike other Yeezys.

    Why Did the Resale Value Sink Then?

    On the other hand, we must look into the reasons behind the resale value fluctuation. We all know, when exclusive kicks restock, their value would drop. Sometimes the value would just drop a bit, and sometimes it would take a nosedive! However, Yeezy Turtle Dove didn’t face that particular problem! And we can’t forget that Yeezy resale values are related to supply and demand and anything Kanye does. 

    Yeezy Turtle Dove on feet

    But, we should take into consideration that the kicks scored their lowest resale value by the end of 2018 and the start of 2019. This is when the Yeezy 350 V2 silhouette became widely available for all. So apparently, the V1 silhouette also took the hit.

    Yeezy Turtle Dove and Fakes

    This pair of sneakers is, in our opinion, one of the easiest to fake! Checking if Yeezy Turtle Dove (or any Yeezy 350) is legit is very hard. And speaking of, did you know that there are full-blown fake Yeezy stores in China? But make sure you know how to spot fakes before coughing up all your savings on them!

    Yeezy Turtle Dove fake

    Why We Love Yeezy Turtle Dove

    It was, and still is, one of the best sneakers to resell. Moreover, these sneakers paved the way for the whole Yeezy line to become what they are today! After all, the Yeezy 350 and 350 V2 lines have been around for a long time now, and will definitely stay there. If we wanna give Kanye something, it’s how much influence he had on the sneaker industry!


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