YSL Beauty Launches New NFTs: “Beauty Night Blocks”

    Of course, the Saint Laurent brand does not need an introduction, one of the pioneer brands in fashion and beauty YSL decided to take their innovation one step forward and enter into the world of NFTs. The brand is releasing an NFT collection in a two-part campaign titled “ Beauty Night Blocks” to celebrate its legacy Black Opium line of fragrances. Let’s dig in.

    The YSL NFT Drop

    The YSL Beauty community holds over 24k digital fashion enthusiasts, collectors, and creators. You can mint the YSL NFT on Polygon. 

    The campaign has two phases. First, the campaign will start by allowing people to purchase the Black Opium perfume directly from their website. Not only that but the perfume comes with its very own NFT.  Second, the brand will be doing another drop titled “ YSL Beauty Night Masters” this phase’s funds will all be donated to a charity program called “Abuse is not Love”.

    This latest release within the “YSL Beauty Blocks” collection enables us to embark on a new audience into web3, true to our promise to make this new usage more accessible, and to test the potential of NFTs when integrated into an online shopping experience.” said the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer of YSL, Diane Hecquet. 

    If you are a resident of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and France. And you purchase a Black Opium perfume from the official Yves Saint Laurent website. You will be eligible to own a YSL NFT as well! All users need to do to claim it is to download and install the official YSL Beauty wallet app. Once the app is downloading, they can claim their piece from the 2014 units. The digital collectibles are of two kinds – original editions and ultra-rare editions.

    The YSL NFT Collection

    There are 2000 original units in the collection and 4 ultra-rare NFTs. The collectibles all capture the essence of the Black Opium universe. Think of it like you just stepped into the vibey Black Opium ad. Moreover, the ultra-rare Ysl NFTs feature Ysl’s newest addition to the fragrance franchise- Black Opium Le Parfum. 

    Furthermore, if you purchase a YSL NFT you will gain: 

    For the original YSL NFT:

    • Access to the private sale of the upcoming drop “ The Night Masters” 
    • Gift Voucher for your next purchase on the Ysl beauty website
    • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content with black opium master perfumer.

    ysl black opium nft

    For the rare edition: 

    • All the above rewards
    • New black opium le parfum 90ml
    • Curated makeup kit: get the black opium look.      

    After the first drop is over the buyers will immediately be notified of the date of the second drop which will take place on March 1 for the private mint, and on March 3 for the public sale. The first drop “  Beauty Night Blocks” will be taking place on January 30. So, get your wallets ready!

    Moreover, You need 3 steps to claim your ysl NFT

    Step 1: From January 30th, shop your Black Opium on in the UK, the US, France, and Australia. The campaign closes on June 30th, 2023, or when all 2014 NFTs have been claimed.

    Step 2: Check your emails for the link to download the YSL Beauty Wallet and claim your NFT (until supplies last).

    Step 3: Click the link to receive your YSL Beauty Night Block directly in your YSL Beauty Wallet and enjoy its rewards.

    Final Words

    Fashion brands are joining the NFT bandwagon. And the YSL NFTs are not the only ones on the market for sure! So, if you are an NFT collector and a luxury brand lover then you should definitely consider this investment. It sure does come with good benefits. Stay tuned for more luxury NFTs on the market.


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