Yuga Labs Co-Founder Steps Down Due To Health Reasons

    Yuga Labs have been in the limelight for quite some time in the past few months. That much is crystal clear. Be it the celebrities involved in the BAYC lawsuit, the investigation, Dookey Dash, and public prosecution. And now, we can add the latest solemn news to all the previous chaos! Yuga Labs Co-founder steps down from his position due to health reasons… This is the newest episode of the NFT world’s downward spiral reality show. Let’s learn more! 

    Yuga Labs Cofounder Steps Down

    In detail, Web3 entrepreneur Wylie Aronow Co-Founder of Yuga Labs — the iconic team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks took to Twitter to reveal the devastating news…

    He announced that he was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. And the Yuga Labs’ co-founder further explained that he will take a leave of absence from his duties at the company to focus on his health.

    Although his symptoms are still mild (Shortness of breath when climbing stairs or exercising), the Yuga Labs Co-Founder’s step-down decision was necessary to prevent any further implications in the future!

    In his tweet, Aronow further clarified his decision to leave. He explained that he lost most of his twenties to a chronic illness, then Yuga Labs happened. Basically, he went at it full speed ahead and was working 12 hours a day and never sought balance. He continues to say that the next chapter in his life is to heal and find the balance he seeks.

    “I worked 12 hours a day, nearly every day. I should have taken the advice from everyone around me and sought balance. My goals now are to get the best medical treatment I can and heal,” he stated.

    Aronow Set To Take Up a Board Role

    On one hand, the Yuga Labs co-founder who is better known by his pseudonym Gordon Goner didn’t set a date on when he hopes to recover and return to his duties.

    On the other hand, he did confirm that he will now assume a role as a board member and strategic advisor following his decision.

    After the Yuga Labs Co-Founder steps down, the company will continue to be led by Greg Solano, so it will remain in good hands! In addition, Daniel Alegre will soon join! 

    Yuga Labs Co-Founder Steps Down: NFT Artists & Influencers React 

    The NFT Twitter community met the news with despair and sadness. Various important Artists and NFT influencers conveyed their support and sincerest get-well-soon wishes to the Yuga Labs Co-Founder…


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